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Functional medicine provides a method for re-balancing the body’s systems and addressing lifestyle issues that contribute to illness. When this is done, your innate or inner wisdom of the body healing itself is unleashed and chronic illness is resolved naturally and quickly, often without the need for costly pharmaceutical medications or invasive surgeries. In this way, we offer a unique approach to understanding chronic illness and provides us a whole new way to address it in the 21st century.

We treat the individual; we deal with underlying health dysfunctions in the individual patient. We do not prescribe or alter medications; we restore health. Our program works in conjunction with the patients prescribing doctor who will decide when and if the patient can reduce or eliminate any medication.

At our clinic, health is being restored and recovered. Blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol levels are normalized. We often see hormonal imbalances corrected. Stubborn weight often comes off. Energy levels are dramatically improved. Pain and aches are reduced and often times resolved. Brain fog lifts, and sleeplessness is improved. This is all achieved naturally and safely. With the right tools and knowledge combined with lifestyle choices that promote health is how we help you take your health back!

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Functional Medicine Consultation

This is a 1-hour appointment. Once Dr. Chase has looked over your initial intake paperwork, we will decide if we can help you and you are a candidate for care. If approved, an appointment is then scheduled. Before your appointment we ask that you fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and forward any medical reports (radiology, CT, MRI), medical records, as well any labs performed in the last year to our office. Dr. Chase will review this information before your first appointment. During this appointment, a thorough review of medical history is taken and recommendations are made. She may recommend labs. This is a consultation meaning Dr. Chase will equip and empower you with knowledge and resources to help you heal. This appointment will be focused on getting you on the road to wellness.


Dr. Chase will review your health reports/ raw data. She will prepare a report for you and go over it with you during your report. Dr. Chase believes education is vital on you road to recovery. Therefore she will tell what it says in English and help you utilized this information more effectively. Just because its on the report doesn't always mean what you think it does. She can help you use this information to improve your the way you feel and help you make changes to feel better.

MTHFR/MTRR Methylation

During this appointment, Dr. Chase will go over reports you already have, what they mean, how to utilize this information, and how to help you feel better. She will help you understand the reports and how the results could impact you. A comprehensive questionnaire and history will also be taken to better understand your SNPs. Dr. Chase will go over your reports and any paperwork she has for you beforehand. This is a 1 hour appointment.

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