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First, We Ask "Why Is This Happening?"

We ask "why" to help us better understand and identify the root cause. The root cause of illness is key to helping you recover. This is the approach functional medicine uses. The root cause is were we start to effect the biggest change. This approach is the foundation to our practice. We use a variety of tools to achieve incredible results such as extensive health history, timelines, comprehensive labs, epigenomics (23nme), methylation testing and more. All this info is taken and we go over it (and sometimes more) like a detective to create a customized plan unique to your needs.

Our goal is to restore the functioning of your whole body. Your customized health plan will be multifaceted and my include nutritional, supplements, herbal therapy, stress management, detoxification, dietary changes and lifestyle changes.

We Help The Whole Person!

In mainstream western medicine there is a doctor for  every body part and a diagnosis for everything. Frequently this way of treating the body fails to consider how the whole body works together for your overall health. But, in Functional Medicine we look at and treat the whole body and listen to the person. We see connections and clues to why the body may be ill. It's the whole system we need to look at to find the clues to your underlying illnesses. 

We work at getting a holistic view of your health by working closely with you. We want the big-picture. We look for patterns, occurrences in the past and present. By searching for patterns and commonalities through out the whole body and all the systems we can better understand whats going on and why. We then can offer support and interventions. This kind of help will address multi-factorial healing and affect multiple pathways helping you heal faster and recover. We also take into consideration how fast each person can do this. So sometimes we take a slow and steady approach and sometime a fast and quick approach. It depends on how many systems are involved and how ill you are. Our focus is helping you on your journey back to health.

Our Philosophy

Designed To Be Healthy

Our bodies are created to be healthy and heal. When health is impaired dis- ease arrives and there is a reason. The reasons are many but if we provide the right care and environment the body can heal and wellness can be restored.

"Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food." - Hippocrates

In our world today there's a pill or a procedure for everything. But, nothing can overcome a bad diet. We are designed to eat real food (not franken foods, processed junk food, man-made food). If we give the body the right kinds of food for you, it can be thy medicine. It can restore broken systems in the body.

Being Healthy Requires Effort

To be healthy does indeed take effort. However, effort in getting healthy, recovered and staying healthy is far more pleasant then being ill. Unfortunately health is not by chance anymore due to high stress levels, environmental toxins in water, air and soil.

Health requires intentional choices, effort and education.

We are here to help you on your journey back to health. Email us today to see if we can help you!

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