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What Is Functional Medicine?

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The current western system of health is disease centered. Doctors are trained to diagnosis and code everything therefore, they look at health symptoms independently of each other.

Functional Medicine takes a different road. This system engages both the patient and the doctor by getting to the root cause of disease. We know that you know your body, and we involve you in the treatment. We address the whole person not just the symptoms.

You can expect Dr. Chase to spend time with you and create a specific plan for you. An extensive patient history, including genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors gives us the information they need to get to the root cause of the health issues.

What Is Functional Medicine?

We don't treat symptoms: we uncover the root cause. Our holistic approach to whole-body healing and wellness finds the root cause of your health problems. Unlike other doctors, we don't believe in masking symptoms. Instead, we believe uncovering the underlying issue is the only way to bring your body back into balance and get you well again.

We believe your body has the ability to heal itself. We believe that humans have extraordinary self-healing abilities; our bodies are designed to be healthy naturally--without the use of potentially harmful drugs or surgeries. Our goal is to help ensure that your body is functioning properly--and ultimately, to help heal itself.

We help discover your body's unique needs. Learning more about your unique physiology empowers you to make better decisions for your body. With functional medicine, everything we do is designed to uncover what your body requires in order to be well and thrive as it was originally designed.

There is no one answer for all patients—Functional medicine works on the premise that every human is unique, and every body system works in connection with each other!

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